Come see us !
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IMPORTANT : No Dogs Allowed
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The real life of Robin hood !

Simplicity Fellowes or expatriators of gourmet comfort.
Come and make your nest in Pourvoirie Martin rustic cabins.

Nothing like the doves of the OWL, the lapping of the lakes or wheezing birch to appreciate the forest heritage of the Reservoir Gouin !

Pourvoirie Martin counts 5 fully equiped cabins that can accommodate from two to eight people. Running water and hot showers, beds, kitchen accessories, lighting, propane gas refregirator and stove, wood for each cabin stove comprise the services and facilities available in each unit.

If you need a little more space for you and your guests don’t worry, we also have a lodge with a well furnished kitchen, to offer you meals and accommodating up to 20 people at a time! It a great way to share your passion with friends or with the members of your family that you find in the wilderness, all under the same roof, near a fire blazing from home!

Finally, when you are on the spot, no need to look very long where is our kitchen, since your can always "feel" the presence of our chef in the preparation of hearty meals in our lodge. This, is in short, what we offer as accommodation. As you can see, everything is in place to welcome you without the slightest concern! And as is the norm in outfitting, we put at your disposal two types of plan, i.e. the American an European Plan . We also offer Quad and snowmobile packages, daily cabin rental.

To view the schedule of rates and packages, click here.